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How do you define marketing communication now? You're right. It's a very complicated matter.

The old strategy can't be applied on the recent case. There are too many unsolved problems.

The cluttered effects really disappoint everyone that trying to buzz consumer's mind.

Big budget seems unsatisfying. But be optimistic.... There are always solutions. The key is CREATIVITY. The great campaign with high creativity and fair budget is always an aim for marcom people.

And now....here we are....

We absolutely believe in our widely experiences, abilities, skills, and networks.

So we believe that we can help you make the better results.

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    Dompet Dhuafa , Poolmark, TVRI, EMCO, ASBANDA, Bank Rakya Indonesia, Global TV, Spacetoon TV Anak, DBB Communication, PLN, Lowe Lintas,

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